Maintain Your Portfolio for Full Perfection

It is essential for lenders to maintain the status of their liens over time. And, that means knowing what actions to take, and being ready when they’re needed. This can be a challenge, regardless of the size of a lien portfolio. The good news is that automation can help ensure that perfection is maintained as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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The Benefits of Auto Continuation

UCC liens expire after five years and need to be continued for loans extending beyond that date. Traditionally, continuation has been handled manually, with an employee or group assigned to monitor and act on pending expirations. iLien’s Auto Continuation solution uses technology to improve on this error-prone process and ensure that liens are monitored and automatically continued.

What are some of the issues addressed by Auto Continuation?

What are some of the issues addressed by Auto Continuation?


How can Auto Continuation help me manage risk to my organization?

All UCC liens expire after five years. And that means the protections associated with perfection expire as well. By ensuring that all necessary liens are continued, Auto Continuation makes sure that the risks associated with lapsed liens are avoided.

How can Auto Continuation enhance operational and financial efficiencies?

Manual processes aren’t just error-prone, they’re time-consuming and expensive. They often require the assignment of employees who could be doing higher value work. Auto Continuation helps ensure that operations run smoothly, quickly and with fewer errors – while lowering the costs of those operations.

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